Once I lived there...


JiangNan is the most prosperous area of China, and has acted as the cashcow of China governments for over 1200 years.
Shanghai locates at the heart of JiangNan. It has been the largest tax payer for a century, and will go on to pay for the coming revival of China.

Shanghai -- Pearl of China


If you have to choose only one city to visit in China, go to Beijing.
Four years in Beijing left me with so many stories. The people, museums as well as sandstorms have shaped my mind greatly.

Beijing -- City of Pride


Each time I wanna outline the vista of Singapore, I give up soon. The city at a crossing point has really a complicated background. Let's wait and see......

Singapore -- Metropolitan at crossroad


It's the backyard of Wall Street; it's the origin of state-of-art technology in Silicon Valley; and it's the think tank for Bushes in DC.

Boston -- Aorta of the States