Gansu: Langmusi

Langmusi is a village between Gansu and Sichuan Province. Its residents are mainly Tibetans and Muslims

Saichi Monastery on the Gansu side surrounded with lengthy arcades of script-rollers

The Tibetan-style Saichi Monastery

Two lamaists after their first badminton game

Saichi faces the Langmusi valley

The Sky Burial site
The stone platform is where human body is disintegrated
Pale smell of blood in the air, the soil is tinted with red

The village of Langmusi
From the roof one can tell whether it's a Tibetan house,
whose roof is scattered with stones
When a bloody wind blows one to the earth, a lamaist will be invited to tell whether it stands for good or bad luck
You may call it substitution, you may call it incredible culture,
or "wisdom beyond the understanding of mediocre modern people" or whatever grand nonsense
I'd rather call it way of living

A nomadic family preparing to moving out of a valley

During the moving, the mother crosses a brook holding the horse, with her kids on the horseback and her dog in front