Gansu: Xiahe

Tibetans believe that spinning the script-roller is equivalent to chant the script written on it
and being religious is verified by quantity rather than quality
As a result, they keep spinning them

The arcade of script-rollers around the Labrang Monastery, Xiahe is of kilometers long
Tibetans walk around the monastery along this arcade, spinning each and every script-roller

They also walk around individual buildings in the monastery again and again
Pilgrims use their body to cover the whole distance


Entrance to a hall
The dragon pattern on the door reflects the Han influence on Tibetan culture


During Tibetan new years huge paintings, one in each year, were taken out of the dark and smelly monastery for sunshine along the hill

The Labrang Monastery, the highest Lamaist academic institute, in a bird eye's view

A pilgrim from Qinghai with her kid