Mingsha Dune, Dunhuang, China

Jiaohe Ruin, Turpan, China

Turpan was the driest town of China
None the less, one night before my arrival
a flood destroyed the bridge on the highway
So I was trapped in a long queue of vehicles
in front of Flame Mountain

Studying map with Hidemichi Shimizu
the poor guy with only one shoe
Jiaohe Ruin, Turpan, China

On a donkey cart, Kuche, China

With cashier of Cherssi Restaurant
Peshawar, Pakistan
Maybe they do put marijuana, that's what "Cherssi" means, in their dishes,
the second day I went there for dinner again:-)

I was wearing a funny combination of Jap hat,
Pak robe and Chinese military trekking shoes.
Unfortunately, it's not a good idea to wear the robe:
Iranian may mistake me as Afghan, whom they disdain.
Kerman, Iran

The Persian girl asked her mum to ask me
whether I could take a picture with her
Of course!
Shiraz, Iran

I was the one walking up
Pasargadae, Iran

Invited to have tea with coach passengers
near Yazd, Iran

Kharanaq has the most "pressing" minaret I've ever climbed

My hand was at the proper place:-)
Esfahan, Iran
By courtesy of Roya

by courtesy of Iman Sadeghi

by courtesy of Mehdi Rezaiyan

After two months journey,
QCY convinced me that my beard was "terrible"

Ten minutes later

What a shame (or luck rather?) that I don't have a huge tummy
as that of my masseur at a Turkish bath, Safranbolu

Remember I sent this picture to inform you guys that
I am still in one piece?

Hard to spot me in this picture
I was checking how to cross a deep gorge
to the Open Air Museum, Cappadocia, Turkey
when a traveler who met me one week ago saw me from the museum
By courtesy of Ms. Linda Russell

Bosra, Syria

Each time I visited a Roman amphitheatre
I would stand on the stage and sing
"Oh wear your tribulation like a rose"
from Hymn to St. Cecilia by Benjamin Britten

Dead Sea, Jordan

QCY and I, Jerash, Jordan

Having lunch in front of al-Deir, Petra, Jordan

Do I look maturer without glasses:-)
Khao San Road, Bangkok, Thailand

Some pictures by courtesy of Mr. Qua Chern Yin